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Venecer Mk.II Class Medium Gunship


The Venecer is a ship I've been working on sens the last summer and is finale done.It is mini fig scale. The Venecer is to come in wipe everithing out and leave. I'll include some funny content for this one. I hope is not going to get the same fate as the Grifter,my other project which got expired.I was asked if there are going to be more answer is yes there are going to be more incoming.In this very moment i have two projects which I'm working on. I hope you're going to enjoy this project an yea. Lets get to a 10.000 supporters.

This project is build for children and adults to enjoy. Its simpler the the Grifter it allows for easier play and a bit more attention at the cockpit.It looks a bit more appealing for the eye with the red and black camo.I hope you like it :)

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