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Lotus Tower

The Lotus tower is a 356 m (1168 feet) tall tower which sits in the heart of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. Started on the 20th of January 2012 and completed on the 15th of September 2019. The tower took 7 and a half years to construct. It is currently the tallest self-supported tower in South Asia and the 19th tallest tower on earth. It's built in the shape of a lotus bud. The tower is used for communication, offices, shopping, dining etc. It has a rotating restaurant in the middle of the bud which gives a 360-degree view of Colombo.

This model is not built to the scale of the real thing. It's built with 752 part. The model tower stands 58.4 cm (23 inches) tall and 19.2 cm (7.6 inches) wide. All the pieces I've used are official LEGO pieces in unofficial colors for this build. I've been working on this model for some time and I thought it might make a great LEGO set. I hope you like it. :)