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The Battle of Osgilliath


Now you can be Faramir and protect Osgilliath from the orcs sneaking across the river. This set includes 8 figures. This also includes a boat that has a catapult on it, a secret room and pillars that the Soilders can hid behind. This set has around 1,000 pieces So the price would be about 100.00$. The characters it includes are.

Faramir, 3 orcs, 2 Gondor Soilders, Sam, Gollum and Frodo

Why I thought this would be a good Lego set is beacause this is a key part in the LOTR series. I hope this will reach 10000 even if it dosn't make it, I won't care beacause it was really fun to build.

Thanks Like A Boss#

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