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Movie Set


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We are very happy and proud to present our new collaborative project, designed by Max Brich and Castor Troy. (Max Brich profile on LEGO Ideas: HERE)

The set includes 8 facades, movie props and figurines, for a total of 2900 pieces.
This creation is not based on any licence.

We made some visuals to suggest ideas of presentation and playability.

The facades are 16 studs wide, and include supports at the back that allows them to stand on their own, and to be combined at will.

We focused on the aestheticsand design of the facades, while making sure that the set offers a lot of possibilities and playability for the Afols :

  •  for those who like to display their LEGO set, the Movie Set will be an optimal choice, as it makes an optimal use of pieces for that purpose
  •  the set can be used to reproduce scenes from cult movies by combining the different facades,
  •   for those who like to take pictures or make brick films, the set would make a great background scenery
  •   you can make a tracking shot with your smartphone over 1 meter long, thanks to a cart specially designed for that purpose,
  •   for those who have a LEGO city, the Movie Set would make a very nice background
  •   finally, for those who like big LEGO buildings, all facades can be put together to form a single building that would fit well together with other modular buildings.

MOCers would also be able to create their own facades by combining the upper and lower parts, since all facades share the same width of 16 studs.

We are convinced that this set will appeal to all AFOL's because there is no equivalent in the current LEGO products.

From a technical standpoint, we have built on a solid base and tested with real bricks.

Finally, since there is no licence involved, it would make it more attractive in terms of price.

Thank you for supporting this project!


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