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Mazinger Z Action Figure

Mazinger Z is one of the all time favorites for many fans around the world and it has been such a classic and iconic anime from Japan!

I had so much fun when working on this lego project of Mazinger Z as it has just so many amazing gimmicks and tricks just within this Mazinger Z robot.  It was very challenging to materialize all of them in a lego format to be honest, and at the same time I enjoyed so much of the designing process.  I tried to install as many gimmicks and tricks as I could in this lego Mazinger Z and I think having those gimmicks is very important, as it means so much to the fans to preserve those essences in this lego action figure.  

The gimmicks and tricks that I have included in this Mazinger Z lego action figure:

Rocket Punch
Iron Cutter
Missile System 
Breast Fire
Jet Scrander

I have also made a video using my lego Mazinger Z action figure as a tribute to this all time classic Japanese amine:

I hope not only Mazinger fans but also mecha lovers and lego lovers will also enjoy playing with this Mazinger Z lego action figure.