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Yellow Bellied Turtle


One of the most underrated creatures: the turtle. This Moc shows this short, slow, and determined creature in all its Lego glory. It represents a yellowed bellied turtle (any type). It is fully posable and displayable, while still being as tough and durable as a real turtle. If it became a set, my idea would be to have the top dish piece printed and possibly have stickers for the sides of the shell. As you can see, I used some already stickered pieces in the build to add more detail. These pieces could be left plain but I think it looks better with sticker/print detail. This would make a great set for kids, while also being a possible display piece for adults or just a decoration. While I don't know the exact piece count, but I am pretty sure it doesn't break 100. Despite the low piece count, if it were a set, it would probably go for $20 due to the large pieces and stickers/prints needed to finish up the look. Still, I hope you vote for it and make this turtle see the light of a Lego store!

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