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Functional Lego Rubik's Cube


Lego Rubik's Cube solve video


Milestone! 100 supporters in less than 2 days!

Thank you for all your support! 100 supporers in 2 days on my first project is something to be proud of, thank you.


Here are some quick instructions. thanks for supporting!

in steps 2-4 you can use a normal height 2x3 and 1x3 instead if you want.

repeat steps 1-10 8 times

repeat steps 11-19 12 times

repeat steps 20-23 6 times

repeat steps 24-25 4 times

repeat steps 26-27 2 times

repeat step 28 2 times

repeat step 29 4 times

in step 35-36 assemble the cube and add colors to sides.



Technical photos

I've decided to provide some more technical photos of the pieces to show their relationship to the real Rubik's Cube in shape and size.

I've only had my project up for a few hours and I have 33 supporters and 116 views! At this rate I can definitiely get to 10,000 supporters. after all, 33*365=12,045 thank you for the support!


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