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Sonic The Hedgehog: Stardust Speedway Showdown


Hey Sonic fans!

Get ready for my third Sonic the Hedgehog project, Sonic The Hedgehog: Stardust Speedway Showdown. My first two projects are Green Hill Zone and the Egg Wrecker. Please support them! 

This set features two gates, the start and the finish, and I just realized I forgot to add rings. Those (along with a sonic and metal sonic minifigures) would be included in the set. The gates open and close, so you can slam them down on metal sonic! It has two ramps, three spikes, and they can all be moved around to customize your own racetrack. If it ever becomes a set, more of the same set could be bought to make the track longer. Now all they need are wind up sonic minifigures...


Please support and comment any ideas! 

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