Lego Romans

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In the theme I am doing, LEGO Romans, I am putting more mini figures in each set. Some of the sets are battle packs where I am bringing some old pieces back like the elephant. The clothing on the bodies would be improved to look more like Roman armour and make the characters more convincing. If you want to see this set made please press the SUPPORT button and see this set come to life!

This set is a battle pack of Barbarians. It includes 4 mini figures, 1 horse, 1 ruin and 1 barbecue.
This is not the only battle pack there is in the sets, there are 3 more. The first one is the Roman army battle pack with 4 mini figures, one horse, one ruin and one barbecue. The second one is the gladiator battle pack that comes with 4 mini figures, one bear and a training station. The third one is the market place with 4 mini figures, one dog, one goat, two pigs and one shop.

In this set this is the war elephant attack with 6 mini figures and 1 elephant.
It represents when the Roman Legions descended upon the Barbarians in 43 A.D. Romans had elephants on their side.

There is 6 mini figures, 2 horses, 2 goats, 1 wall and 1 heavy weaponry. This represents Hadrian's Wall captured by the Barbarians and the Romans are trying to regain the tower. I am making more sets that you can connect the walls together so that you can make Hadrian's Wall longer. Also the light grey coloured wall can be breakable by the heavy weaponry.

This set is a Roman fortress that comes with 7 mini figures, 1 horse, 1 dog, 2 chickens and 1 tower.