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Downtown Library

Set in downtown, this cozy library is the perfect place to find a good book and relax with it. With a comfy reading area upstairs and a balcony flourishing with life, it is a great place to relax and read.

The first floor contains a row of computers on the right hand wall. The left hand wall contains a couple shelves full of books. In the back of the building is the librarian, waiting for people to check out books. Next to the check out counter is a staircase leading to the second floor. The second floor contains two comfortable chairs and a bookshelf set on a hardwood floor to create a cozy reading area. Two doors lead out to the balcony where there are two chairs. Surrounding the chairs are plants of ever variety, providing life to the downtown and a lively area to read. 

The build is fully modular and each floor easily comes off. Many other features can also be easily removed. The build comes with four minifigures: the librarian, a man at the computers, a woman reading on the balcony, and a man browsing for books on the second floor. 

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