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Truck Stop


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Drive up to the all new Lego City Truck Stop. Lego has previously done service stations like 7993 and 7642. They did set 6393 a long time ago but have not recently done a truck stop.

This Truck Stop has it all. It has a diner with three tables and a full kitchen. The diner and service shop have bright yellow signs. The kitchen includes an industrial oven and a soda dispenser. It also has a service station for semi trucks. There is a gas station with a total of 12 pumps. The overhang has built in lights. There is plenty of room for small vehicles to park. Semi trucks can park all around the building to sleep. Around back, there is a bathroom for men and women. This set includes 6 mini figures. There are 3 waitresses and a chef in the diner, and in the service shop there are 2 mechanics. Features include 7 coffee mugs and tools for the mechanics.

This set would sell for $75 US currency based on parts. Lego could improve this set by using hoses for the pumps.

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