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Bonsai Tree Botanical Gardens



Welcome to the Bonsai Botanical Gardens, a place where beauty transcends time. This garden is composed of one curator, a koi pond with a couple star fish surounded by a stone path and a couple frog statues, and of course eighteen of the world's oldest bonsai trees, all very much different and unique in their own way. Please see all pictures for a better idea, or my short video, thanks again for any votes, views, and or support.

This set is under the three thousand piece limit at two thousand nine hundred and ninety nine pieces, and I had to do some real trimming (pardon the pun) so as to get below the cut off line.

Bonsai simply translated is tree in a pot. The root's growth is contained, so the tree becomes dwarfed like its root system.

There are many different styles of Bonsai trees such as juniperus, red maples, pines, cascading style, wind blown style, weathered bark, sago palms, you name it the possibilities are endless, as is the play and display features of this set. 

The roof also is hinged, so as the trees under the half open air roof can get some sunlight when need be.

Each tree can easily be removed from garden, placed on a window seal, your desk at work etc., and this is one of the reasons I think this would make a great set, via the tree display versatility. 

Note that after a search I found a bonsai tree or two here at Lego Ideas, but could not find any complete gardens composed of some of the oldest trees in the world. Such as one in this collection is a legandary Japanese white pine, which is well over four hundred years old. Hence, the larger size compared to the one mini figure included in this set in the Bonsai botanical curator.



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