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Macron-IV... It`s huge and dark. People, who lives here, don`t know, what is tranquillity, because roads are full of street racers, evil cyborg bandits outraging peaceful citizens, and villaneouys Cyb.Org corporation is trying to cyborgize people by force. But fear not, fellow inhabitants of Cybercity! Cyberpolice, elite police squad, going into the streets. This squad was formed especially for hunting evil cyborgs, bioandroids and malfunctioning mechanisms! You can sleep peacefully because Cyberсity will be cleaned out of scum!

So here it is, my Cyberpolice line of MOCs. Each MOC includes a CP's transport and some individual characters.

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I. Officer's bike and his pilot - Agatha, she is - perspective officer with rank of lieutenant. On her account are few big arrests and lots of penalties enforced for violations of a different offences. Also she has been granted with "For the special services" decoration. For active cooperation with Spec Ops squad, to be more specific.
When she is not on duty, Agatha likes to spend her free time at home by the TV or on the kitchen with a skillet. Skillet, also, is an instrument of punishment for her husband, who is bad lot and permanently going in touch with some shady characters by accident, almost at the slightest pretext.

Speedchase Patrol. Six-wheeled police bolide has been designed for fast movement along the wide-lane inter-district roads that is hung by giant cables over slums and scrapyards, which as concentrated on the bottom of Macron-IV city. The character's name Austin. He is the fastest guy in city. When Austin isn't on duty, he likes to dress variegated apparel and hang around discotheques. Also he has some sort of 'secret hobby'...

Riot Tankette 'Bonaparte'. Has no description for now.

APC. When thing are getting really bad, Cyberpolice sends Spec Ops squad. They are most brilliant specialist in their spheres. Those are veterans, elite soldiers.
APC has trailer in which squad is quartered. There is no seats, Spec Ops soldiers are ready to exit the vehicle in any moment. Characters: Captain Vladimir Konovalov is obviously the most brilliant Cyberpolice officer with really big service. He is calm and prudent, the one who will never let his men take a risk if it is not necessary. Absolutely loyal to Cyberpolice headquarters; Recon Officer Bartholomew Myers has seen so many fights during his life that he might write a book named Macron-IV, The Endless Fight. He doesnt like to chat with his co-workers, but hell never leave Spec Ops without cover and freshest info about missions target; Signaller Tadeusz Grabowski is famous for his knowledge of computers, mechanics and chemistry - explosives, to be more specific. Indispensable as Spec Ops member, though his fighting skills are leaving much to be desired; Sniper Matthew Hunt [credit to my girlfriend] is the one who never miss his aim. He knows his job and have incredible accuracy almost with any weapon in his hands. Fortunes and women favorite, and really nice guy. But he smoke like damned when getting nervous.

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