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The Lord of the Rings - The Erebor Treasury


The Erebor Treasury

After defeating Smaug and returning their home, dwarves decided to build the fortified treasury to thoroughly protect their treasures! The best Erebor warriors - Gloin and his son Gimli were chosen to guard this building. At their disposal they have sharp mithril axes and mighty crossbow. From now, the Erebor Treasury is certainly defended from any robbers, even the dragons!

Hello, guys! I want to introduce you my new LEGO creation "The Erebor Treasury". This set is the part of "The Ancestors and Descendants" series, which will consist of three sets from "The Lord of the Rings" setting. The main idea of this series is to create the composition, where we can meet parents and children or other relatives together in interesting situation. Of course, these personalities and places are the part of Middle-Earth!

In current set I reproduced the dwarven treasury situated somewhere in depths of the Lonely Mountain. This is the fortified tower, guarded by two brave dwarves: Gloin and his son Gimli. Gloin is armed with battleaxe and Gimli is armed with two-handed axe. Also on the top of the tower the crossbow is installed. Inside the treasury stands the chest, filled with golden coins and gems.

Except weapons, the composition includes such accessories as treasure chest, black torches, ladder, wooden barrel and quiver with crossbow ammunition.

The set includes two minifigures: Gloin and Gimli (Gloin can be designed with new body skin - wearing a chainmail or breastplate).

The feature of this set is the possibility to combine it with the official LEGO set "The Lonely Mountain" (79018). The treasury tower was constructed to be placed between two main parts of "The Lonely Mountain" set – the mines and the dwarven throne becoming a connecting link between them.

The video about this set (sorry for my not good English):

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