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Okoto Mountain Bat


My main intention is to bring some wildlife into the newly rebooted Bionicle (similar to the Rahi we had in the original run of Bionicle), as so far the wild life is not even remotely present on the island, and also misses the chance to help us be more drawn into the island itself as it doesn't feel like a living place, just a set of a show thus far at least. So this is one of a few creations I thought of to fill in some wildlife for the island  of Okoto. I even made a little story for it that can be used as a description for the creatures origins and qualities.


*Before the Ancient City was abandoned some of the citizens had various pets, one of which was a species of bats which was loyal and obedient to it's owner. After the Ancient City was left empty the pet bats and other pets scattered across the island of Okoto evolving according to their new environment. Most of the bats settled in the higher caves of the mountains, and to match the terrain their colors altered for a more fitting camouflage.*

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