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Bonsai Japanese Cherry



A miniature Japanese Cherry tree (Prunus serrulata), set in long grass and presented in a miniature rowing boat.  Because what's life without whimsy?

The Japanese Cherry is a species of cherry native to Japan, Korea and China, known for its spring cherry blossom displays.  It is usually grown as an ornamental tree, and is favoured by Bonsai growers. Anyone who has tried to create a Bonsai, or even maintain one, knows how difficult it is.  So replace all the hard work and effort and build your own cherry blossom display in LEGO bricks.

I planned to build a traditional pot in which to 'plant' the tree, but couldn't come up with a design I was happy with.  But while searching through LDD for some parts that might inspire my limited creative faculties I found a perfect solution to my problem.  

Although intended as a Bonsai, it can also be used as a full sized tree in Minifig-sized displays and dioramas.

The main image was created using POV-Ray software.  Due to the high number of parts and the complexity of their arrangement, it took a substantial amount of time to render - so the remaining images (which show a tree with more foliage) are screenshots from LDD.

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Happy building!