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Pirate Shipwreck Island


This is a pirate island with a secret treasure. On one side of the island is a big beautiful schooner steadily due, and its large hull is crushed and sprawling over the reef sharp stones. On the island live pirates, they have settled in their old shipwrecks and stored their treasure on the island and defend against everything outside.

At the island's steep rock face is the hidden entrance to the pirates' cave, inside the cave hiding pirate chest filled with taxes and gems.

Governor discovered the island and sent a small delegation of his men off in a dinghy to explore the island. What they do not know is that the pirates have been watching them and they are ready to attack as soon as the boat is for. Meanwhile, the governor's men plenty to see in the shark infested waters.

On top of the island are the remains of a small observation post, well hidden by the island's vegetation.