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Cruise Ferry - MS Bergensfjord / MS Stavangerfjord


MS Bergensfjord and MS Stavangerfjord

Presenting one of the world’s largest and environmentally friendly Cruise ferries. 
Powered by four cutting edge Rolls Royce Bergen liquid natural gas (LNG) engines.

This model of MS Bergensfjord, and its sister ship MS Stavangerfjord is an accurate model of the two ships sailing between Denmark and Norway. With the phoenix at the bow of the ship, rescue boats and benches on the sun deck, you will find small and fun details around as well as inside the model. 

The model is built so that the superstructure can be lifted off for a full view of the four Rolls Royce Bergen main engines and the two LNG fuel tanks. They are also visible through the row of clear windows on the side of the model. You will find many small details on this model from the real ships.

I work as a 1st engineer onboard MS Bergensfjord, and ever since I started I wanted to build a LEGO model of the ship. I started working on the cruise ferry before it was commissioned, so I have a strong attachment to the ship. It has taken me almost a year from the first drawings to the final model. I have created the model from the ships technical drawings and scaled it down to a workable size.  

I believe that this model will be a great and fine model to have standing next to the Maersk Triple-E model and all other Creator models. This model offers many details, which are fun to build, fun to play with, and gives a little extra due to the fact that you can lift off the top and get a great view of the engine room.   

I hope you will enjoy this model as much as I do.

Ships capacity: 1500 passengers and 600 cars.
Commissioned: May 2014
Bricks: 1786 pieces
Scale: 1 cm : 2,83 m
Measurements mounted on stand:  7,4” (19 cm) high, 4,3” (11 cm) wide, 23,6” (60 cm) long.

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