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Spinning Gimbals


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The origins of the idea:

The core of the suggested model consists of three rings which can independently rotate around three perpendicular axes. These pivoted rings are called gimbals. Gimbals have been used in a wide variety of engineering applications since ancient times till modern days. Gimbal suspension is used to provide stability to objects inside unstable environment, e.g. compasses on ships and gyroscopes on planes.

Note 1: This set may be good for education.

Furthermore, the simplicity and effectiveness of gimbals often attracted artists' attention. In science fiction and fantasy, gimbals have been used to represent complex contraptions capable of creating new physical effects and even manipulating the very fabric of reality. Some of the examples include the machine from the 1997 movie Contact, the gravity drive from the movie Event Horizon, mass relays from the video game series Mass Effect and even the Time-Turner from the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Note 2: This set may serve as a source of inspiration.


About the model:

The idea of this model is to set gimbals in motion. Complex transmission allows each of the three actuators to independently operate one of the three ring. Therefore the contraption is very easy to control. The demonstration model uses three Power Functions motors, though manual actuation is also possible (see notes below).

The rings and the frame are perfectly rigid and secure. The design of the model is intentionally minimalistic: use your imagination to add any design features you want and turn the model into something completely different!


Key features of the model:

  • Elegance of a perfect symmetry.
  • Rigid design.
  • Powerful operation.
  • Easy control.
  • A lot of space for customization.


Possible variations of the model:

The demonstration model consists of approximately 1900 parts and comprises 3 motors to provide an ultimate control over the contraption. However, only the rings and their frame are mandatory components, and there are several possible variations of the set:

  1. 3 motors for independent rotation of the rings (not necessarily large XL-motors).
  2. 1 motor for simultaneous rotation of the rings (no complex transmission is needed in this case).
  3. Manual actuation of the rings with optional motorization.

Please let me know which option you would prefer in the comments for this project.

Also note that the sphere in the center of the model is not a functional component and can be omitted or replaced. It should not be considered as a mandatory part of the submission.


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