Product Idea

Minecraft Steve Action Figure

Hey guys!!! so this project is Steve from minecraft with moving limbs! the arms can move in a full circle as well as the head, and the legs can move up to 20.54 degrees forward in back, although the arms cannot move while the head is turned and the head cannot rotate while the arms are rotated. It's about 52.16 mm tall when the legs are fully straightened (straightened, is that even a word?).

I put in a lot of detail and had been working on this one for a couple of weeks. The legs are based off of the Lego Minifigure legs design. They are curved on top so that they can move freely. I tried to make it look just like the actual Minecraft Steve which is actually rather difficult with limited colors (especially when there's only like 2 shades of brown light enough for the skin) I hope you guys like it just as much as I do!! Make sure to support and follow as we make the journey to 10,000!!!