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The Imperfect SpongeBob Popsicle

What I have built here is the notorious Imperfect SpongeBob Popsicle, a yummy treat that can be found in many places that sell ice cream. The Popsicle is supposed to be symmetrical and perfect, but this is a very rare occurrence, as most of the time they are messed up. And it was a trend a while back to try and find a perfect one because of this. And that’s what inspired me to create this.

I had seen a lot of videos trying to find a perfect SpongeBob Popsicle, in which people got extremely messed up Popsicles. And that inspired me to build my own imperfect one out of LEGO.

I believe this would make a great LEGO set since it’s a very iconic item for many, that would also make a great display piece. It’s also still very popular today among kids and adults alike, and I think quite a few people would enjoy having one that never melts! I think it would also be an overall fun experience to get to build this treat all on your own.

Thank you for any and all support!
Degan (Trainer9)

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