Custom 4x4 offroad Ford F-100

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Here is my customized off-road Ford F-100.
Features include:
- 4x4 independent suspension
- Rugged 2 1/2 inch diameter Lego wheels
- Functional Rack and Pinion steering
- Exhaust pipe attached to motor noise box
- Detailed V12 engine

Very detailed grille with two headlight guards. The cab also has two adjustable rear view mirrors.

Really awesome 4x4 independent suspension.
The truck can sit on a baseplate about 3 inches tall and still have all wheels touching the ground!

Of course, no custom off-road truck would be complete without a V12 ENGINE!!!

The inside of the truck features two adjustable seats, a steering wheel hooked up to the truck's actual steering, a gas pedal and a little radio.
I hope you all enjoyed my truck!