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The Ladies Outpost

Hi everyone, i'm Luca
​I worked with Studio 2.0, a designer program, i designed it myself from beginning to end.
Since I was little, the castle theme has always been one of my favorites.
It is an outpost completely dedicated to women, fundamental in our modern civilization.
On the ground floor we find various activities to do, from training to cutting wood.
Inside we find a small kitchen, where you can recharge after a long journey.
Going up the stairs we find the real sighting place, equipped with a large balcony to be able to spot incoming enemies.
There are a total of five minifigures, a total of 1109 parts were used, including all the parts of the minifigures(5)That's it for the ladies outpost

Thank you to everyone who watches my work and the LEGO IDEAS Team.

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