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Bill and Jim (Robot Support)


I promised to show the droid
  And so it :-)
The little assistant to the big piloted robots
  Bill and Jim are equipped with a certain tool kit for repair during fight
  He has own running base in the form of 4 claws that increases its passability
The attention copes or remotely! two pilots, or automatically looks for the damaged allied robots and starts repair.
  Has created him for entertainment, but then has thought that it can be fine addition to one of the piloted robots.
  Yes I know that you saw meanwhile two models, one of them is Juggernaut-001 (J-001) the tank robot, and you saw Last Hope (LH-001) the robot (for drawing a loss) and it is logical to assume that what that doesn't hvatatt.
  And it is of course the piloted doctor robot, I will finish work on him soon and there you can see my main idea concerning Bill and Jim :-)
  Before it I will lay out two more models of the piloted robots and only then "doctor".