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The Coffee Hole


Strange Photograph

Jack had asked his friend where he lived. After two weeks with no response he finally recieved a letter. It looked his friend had delivered himself as the only thing on the outside was some text: for Jack. When he opened it up he found a peculiar photgraph inside along with a note reading: Here is your only hint. The photo showed a door to a room. There was a cave-like wall and floor in the background. He was certainly puzzled and wasn't sure how to respond. He knew somehow he would find the right words and make a reply, that he knew for sure.



Floor Plans...

Here is a screenshot of the floor plan for the new house:



First of all thanks for the support! It is definitely encouraging. I have been trying to come up with new ideas for the "Richard's Home" project for a couple of weeks but I couldn't find any inspiration with the design. I put a lot of work into it, but for me every falied or succesful project is just a new step forward in skill. Every time I work on a project that I don't release I can become more familiar with what works and what doesn't. Today I felt refreshed and tried to add to the project but was unable to locate the LDD file (.lxf). I have no idea where it is, but I think it is a sign to move on. I will be making a new house starting today. I will release the teasers on this page.