Product Idea

Grandads Old Shed

Nealy 100


Nealy 100 supporters,thank you so much to all who have supported shared and commented so far, I think in my next update I will remove around 40percent of the external plants trees and rubbery shrubbery,I fell it detracts from the building,I'll re render  and upload soon, thank you all again,bobbrick999

Roof Stability


Hi all ,just a quick update,I have received a few messages concerning the stability of the roof on my model,and weather it is strong enough ? I have built a physical model albeit not in the correct colours as I don't have enough part, and it is in my opinion it is very robust.

Alot of people can't quite see from the photos how the corrugated tin roof connects to the model?well if you look at the photo you can see that the principal is ,the roof is connected to the gable end with a 1x1 technics block in the roof ,with a pin which then connects to a 1x1 technics block on the rear facia of the gable end.

I hope this can answer you questions,and thank you all for all your support so far.