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Miid Ro'ik


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The Miid Ro'ik was a living warship used by the Yuuzhan Vong.  It was roughly the size of an Imperial Star Destroyer.  It had many coralskippers with it, and was armed with a lot of Yaret-Kors, or plasma cannons.  This particular Miid Ro'ik, the Yammka, was Supreme Commander Nas Choka's flagship.  

The Yammka, my Miid Ro'ik, is armed with several cannons of various sizes, and has extra ammunition.  It also has a mini Coralskipper, a Yuuzhan Vong starfighter, inside the back of the hull.  The mini coralskipper can fit a Yuuzhan Vong pilot inside, but he must take off his armor first.  The main ship has a bridge in the bow, with room for 2 pilots and one additional minifigure.  The middle sections can hold minifigures to man the cannons, and the cannons are protected by opening hatches in the sides.  The Miid Ro'ik comes with 3 pilot minifigures (in the red armor), one without armor; 2 Yuuzhan Vong warrior minifigures (in the black armor holding amphistaffs); and 1 Nas Choka minifigure (with black armor and green Tsaisi baton).  

I thought that the Yammka would be a good set to have, because the Yuuzhan Vong are pretty cool, but have no Lego Star Wars sets yet.  Even though they are no longer considered canon since The Force Awakens came out, they are an important part of Star Wars, one that needs to be represented more in Legos.  Please also support my Coralskipper model.  Thanks for your support!

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