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The Bricktown Aquarium

This is a modular building style Aquarium, it has 1,729 pieces, 92 of those pieces are for 9 minifigures, and has a lot of amazing LEGO animals living inside of it. Walking in the entrance for the first floor outside you will see a palm tree home to a parrot, and there is a huge shark head bursting out of the wall. Inside there is a gift store where you can buy a plush animal, a surfboard, and a squids jacket, then there is a ticket line where you can get your tickets to go to the next floor. The second floor holds two huge tanks to hold sharks and stingrays. In the third floor, you see two tanks, but smaller with penguins in one, and all sorts of colorful fish in the other. In the fourth floor there is a touch tank where you can touch all sorts of small creatures from tidal pools, and one last fish tank where you can see all types of invertebrates living in it. On the roof you can see a huge giant squid wrapping its arms around the entire building. The Bricktown Aquarium is home to these animals:
1.two jelly fish
2.three penguins
3.two clams hammerhead shark blacktip reef shark
6.two stingrays
7.two pufferfish
8.three butterfly fish
9.two silver belly wrasse
10.two lobsters
11.two purple crabs
12. two starfish
13. two baby octopi
14.and a parrot outside.

The Aquarium comes with these figures from right to left in the pictures above:
1.penguin trainer
2.a janitor (he's afraid of sharks)
3.a shark costume guy shop worker
5.a dad
6.a baby
7.a mom
8.a son
9.and a diver

I built this as my next LEGO Ideas project because I love sea animals, and always enjoyed going to an aquarium as a child and seeing my favorite animal, the great white shark, among other fascinating creatures. I hope you can support my idea so that way we can have the first ever aquarium set. Thank you for reading this.

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