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"THE SURVIVORS" is a theme which is created by myself and which the story of the theme passes in the earth where everything is destroyed, plagued.People somehow become slaves of an unknown group result of a poison spreaded in a closer time by that group. And now, our characters are gonna solve the problem and make the earth better.

"Base of the survivors" is the first product of my theme. This base is an old house where these survivors have been living since they were born; they are three brothers. The house has an old and classic style and seems ruined that it doesn't have completely painted walls. The three brothers saved themselves and set up some engines which provide them infos about the area and the earth (there are bricks look like computer, radar,etc.). The set includes a toilet cabin, a wooden garage and a wind mill. I put a rope on the roof to bind with the wind mill to seem like an electric wire, I couldn't bind it because of LDD.

So; my OWN theme will continue with my own creations! PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SUPPORT AND DO YOUR BEST! ı:D


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