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Adventure Car

It is an Adventure Car. I built it because I love cars and adventure. It is easy to build up and have a significant outlook. I believe that all kids will like it, certainly, and are willing to take it back home. Furthermore, kids can base this on a set to explore another version.

There are several weapons in the car. It can fight the monster such as big foot. This car is just composed of a few bricks only. It is easy and simple to build up. The reason why I uploaded this set is to tell the kids that we can build everything, even with have a few bricks. It is not big. If you have more bricks in your hand, you can create a different look of mini-car.

I hope this set inspires us all to create anything, even though the space is limited. I hope you like this LEGO set. Furthermore, I believe that everyone can explore further by using LEGO base on this Mini Car.

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