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1930s Skyscrapers


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                                                                        1930S SKYSCRAPERS

This project is inspired by Hugh Ferris works and  real Art Deco skyscrapers, for example the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building. This utopian world is full of artificial ponds and statues. All buildings in the set are  easily detachable (pictures). You can open two of them and see Art deco decorated rooms. Almost 3000 details and 40+cm tall. Just imagine this UCS on your shelf!

                                                                         Set details:

  •  Measures 28cm wide, 19cm deep and 42cm tall
  •  This set includes 2990 pieces! (12 colors)
  • - 1890 dark grey
  • - 259 gold 
  • Includes 18 knives and 14 screwdrivers D:
  •  A lot of microstatues and an artificial waterfall with blue transparent parts
  • 2 secret chambers 
  • The perfect set for fans of LEGO

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