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A Trip to the Zoo

This wonderful zoo has many animals, including an ostrich, an octopus, a camel, and a crocodile. There is also a snake, a monkey, a panther and its baby, a lizard, and a shark. There is a zoo sign and enclosures for each of the animals. There is also a snack bar to eat at. There is an employee shed with all the food for the animals and tools to clean the enclosures. The roof lifts off to see this. There is an entrance booth with a police officer to check if you have paid the correct fee to get into the zoo. There are camel rides for the little children. Finally, there is a golf kart for the employees to travel around in. 

I built this LEGO set because I really like animals and zoos. There are no existing zoo LEGO sets, so I wanted to make one to share with other people.

I think this would make a great LEGO set because everyone can enjoy going to the zoo.

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