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Remake of "Krosh" Smeshariki (Kikoriki/Gogoriki)

Now in LEGO...

Plunge into the fascinating world of smeshariki/kikoriki with this set!

The set includes:
Krosh is the most cheerful and energetic character from the Smeshariki universe.
Krosh's bench, which Krosh built himself.
Carrot is a Krosh's favorite food

All parts of the body of the Krosh are movable. Krosh's hands are capable of taking objects such as carrots

If you liked my work, please support me.

If we reach 100 supports, then I will make a best friend of the Krosh - "Ezhik" ("Chicko"), as well as more different items from smeshariki!

If you are interested in the first version of the Krosh, be sure to look.

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