Tumbler CE (Collectors Edition)

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Update: We added a batpod escape.
Special thanks to: rodrigo1307 for his support.

This project started when we tried to buy a used original LEGO tumbler and found out that it's very hard to find one, so my son and i decided to build one as closest to original of the movie and blend it with the LEGO version.

The size of this vehicle is LEGO average as you can see, an you can still fit two minifigs easily and still have room for batman weapons.

P.S. The hatch can be closed with the two minifigures and accessories inside.

This is how the tumbler looks inside with the batpod.

If this project was considered for a set there is a thing we would add:
A numbered LEGO Collectors Edition Certificate of Authenticity so you can put it in a frame, that will work like a vehicle title, wouldn't that be cool.

Part 1: you pull down the front nose of the tumbler.
Part 2: you rollback the tumbler and the batpod slides out.
Part 3: you put the handlebar in the upright position,and that's it.

Thanks for your time, hope you like it and support it.