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Decathlon Shop


The big shop:

My Decathlon shop will like to all people who likes shopping. It is made up of about 1500 pieces and it’s created for children, teenegers and adults of all ages. With this shop you will definitely want to play. It is of medium size, very colored and with removable roof, you will able to play also inside. There are included in the package five mini person Lego.


One new Lego:

It was a bad rainy day and grandfather Roberto bought one new piece to be added to his collection of Lego: one colorful Decathlon shop. Roberto decided to invite his grandson Carlo was very fond of  Lego, to help him.Grandfather owned a lot of shops in his city of Lego, but he missed that with sporting goods and leisure. Grandfather and grandson, sooled this work kept them for all afternoon. They spent beautiful hours: Roberto told Carlo of first Lego that bought he when he was child. They ended the opera at ten o’clock, the grandfather fell asleep on the roof of Lego. In the next days, Carlo came back to his city of Lego, to play and invent new stories and adventures, in particular with new characters of  Decathlon.


Why to buy the Decathlon shop:

This product is recommended to the fans, because it is very big and it is a great item collector's but not only: it is very original and it’s not difficult to build. For this reason the Lego Decathlon is the perfect opportunity to unite together great and little ones in buldings and company afternoons.

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