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Powered Up San Francisco Cable Car


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I've designed an iconic San Francisco Cable car with Powered Up functionality to run on LEGO track.  

As a fan of both model railroading and the large Creator buildings, I was looking for some transit to add to the city block my sons and I have built.  Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and spending a lot of time in the city during college, I couldn't think of anything more perfect than the cable car.  

Smaller than a full train and built with less than 500 pieces, the cable car makes a perfect entry into the world of LEGO locomotion.  I've included eight minifigures:  a grip man (the cable car "driver,") a tourist family of four, and three San Francisco natives.

Including the power functions in such a small space and building it with available bricks created some interesting challenges and compromises, but I have produced a model that captures the feel of the prototype cable car, sure to be loved by minifigure tourists worldwide!

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