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The Last Starfighter Gunstar


Thanks as always for the view, as always drop me a link if you have a project you would like me too check out. If you like this ship design, expect more to come from the same series, via Kodan armada star ships.

This Gunstar consists of 954 pieces (1127 with stand) and comes with two crew members, via one human gunner Alex Rogan and the navigator/pilot Grigs who is a reptilian alien. 

Here we have a rather famous starship design from ealry 80z known as the Gunstar, which was featured in an under the radar sci fi film in 1983 called The Last Starfighter, which my father took me to see in the theater at the age of 9. Alex was recruited on Earth by mastering an old 80z style stand up arcade video game called The Last Starfighter, which incorporated the exact controls of a Gunstar, which a recruiter named Centauri from the Star League had placed on Earth. The purple and pink color pattern on base plate and side of ship is the colors of the flag of the Star League.

A Gunstar has a twin cockpit system with a gunner located up front and the navigator/pilot in the upper rear of the back cockpit. The gunner seat has a 3 dimensional heads up display (hud). The gunners seat rotates 360 degrees just like the real Gunstar pilot chair, and the turrets turn with the seat.

This ship is fully loaded, as it has 12 laser turrets located under the cockpit times 4 with 2 on the black dishes on the side of the ship, 2 on the under belly section, and 4 on the rear section of the ship. This allows it to fire on any target from any location. Its targeting system is so advanced it can take out incoming missiles, while it locks on to enemy vessels at the same time. The only way it is vurnable to the Kodan Armada, is for it to be over ran with numbers, more targets then it can lock on at one time. 

So Death blossom was created for that situation, as a final sloution device. When engaged what takes place is all 4 missile compartments open up as seen in image 2, and the ship then begins a high speed gyroscopic spinning motion, firing all its weaspons in all directions using a highly advanced targeting computer, which pre selects targets in the death blossom spiral. A last resort weapon, which can turn the tide for a ship which is out numbered dozens to just one.

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