Steel Brothers - Steel Thunder

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Finally, the design of “Steel Brothers” was completed. None of them are original from the Star wars movie, I personally just hope they could show up in the future sequel, of course, with your kindly support. Such a great pleasure of presenting you the whole group as above.

Now that the 3 members are showing a good combination of absolute dead force for the clone army:
- Steel Thunder … who is the key actor I bring you today, providing long distance firepower support when pressing an attack
- Steel Striker convertible … group leader, good at mid or close fighting, more details can be found on
- Steel Sting … responsible for detecting & assassinating, more details can be found on

Steel Thunder is 4-feet walker made by Star wars & technical parts, all about 150pcs. it is heavily armored to provide long distance support when pressing an attack. Steel Thunder carries at least 3 major types of dead force in all domains. Here is the detail features:
- Main weapon … the long snout is an antimatter cannon, flexible of moving up & down, spinning to aim all directions
- Modularized add-on weapons … Gatling gun on the right shoulder, and proton rocket launcher on the left shoulder
- Supportive weapon … 2 assault guns right besides antimatter cannon

As always, highly appreciate your support & comments!

Enjoy LEGO!