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LEGO Space Police: VPR Cruiser SP1


How it all started

When I got my first Space police set ("The K9 Bot"), I thought he needed a ship, but I didn't had enough money to buy one. So I decided to make one. Just a month ago I found it on my shelf. I quite liked it the way it was, but it missed something. Then I made and larger added a upper wing. Now I decided to share it with you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Details and inspiration

Well, most importantly, it's a SPACESHIP!!! The ship is powered by two main jets, capable of flying almost at the speed of light (0,9 times), two jets which are used to get the spaceship building up a starting speed and three mini-jets to make it take off like a helicopter. At the two side are two ion cannons to protect the galaxy and the spaceship itself an in the cockpit you will find a console indicating all sorts of things. On the back there are two standard wave 1 Space Police guns. And it even has landing gear, which unfortunatly sticks out a bit

The inspiration of this ship came from my bare head and the pieces of LEGO. I thought it would be different to use those pieces normaly used on the back of a helicopter as actual wings and I found some pieces that would look great as cannons. I also found a blue car window which was lower then the normal black one and it blended in with the Space Police series.

Why might this be a good LEGO set?

Well first of all its quite strong, I think you can let children play with it easily. But its also very detailed and has a lot of thought behind the functions which makes it seem futuristic but also realistic. And I think i didn't build it with illegal LEGO techniques.

Why should I support this project?

Because you can. If you like this project support it, if you wish you could buy it share it with friends, family or someone else. If you don't like it or think it might be better another way please comment and tell why you don't like it or suggest something, it might look even better after the change.

My guess of the survey

I think the set willl cost arround 30 euros (I think arround 20 dollars if I'm right). People will buy only one set and I think it will appeal most to children and adult men. And it is an easy build, there are only on the side tiles sideways and some upside down tiles.

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