Product Idea

News Bureau

This is my modular News Bureau. It is a building that designs and manufactures newspapers. I was inspired by Brick Adjuster, multiple online sources, and most noticeably, Town Hall (10224). The front exterior shows a lot of brick-work and there is a sign that spells out the word "NEWS". In the back, there is a loading dock and many tall windows. On the first floor, there is a visitor section, newspaper conveyor belt, and an elevator. On the second floor, there are five unique desks and a large printer. The third floor it is the meeting room where reporters discuss what they think should be in the newspaper. In that room, there is a long table cluttered with paper and a white board. Finally on the roof, there is a skylight that bring light into the third floor and three satellite dishes. Also, there is a ladder that goes all the way from the roof to the first floor. The minifigures in this set consist of two laborers, two reporters, and the boss. Lastly, the second floor is able to be stacked on top of itself to expand the building. I think this would make an amazing, official LEGO set because it is very realistic and believable. Please support my project in hopes of making it become a reality.