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Energy Plaza Electric Bus Terminal


Energy Plaza is the place where people come to take a bus. It's not a normal bus. It's an old school electric bus, driven by wire. It has a driving stick just like in an airplane. People aboard are enjoying every feature of these busses like air conditioning, tv, wi-fi and above all the quietness of the ride. Employees of the Local Bus Company are happy to help you in any possible either you buy a ticket or you board the newly purchased electric buses. The ones  you see stopped at the end of the route are called so : the pink striped one is Thunder and the yellow striped one is Lightning.The waiting time can be in a very pleasant way spent. The little plaza called "Energy Plaza" has been built by the Municipality. You can enjoy a fresh baked pizza in the north corner or a hot apple pie by the center. Flowers and trees complete the wonderful landscape.

But enough with the rest brake , I can hear right now from the platform speaker : THUNDER BUS IS LEAVING IN ONE MINUTE DIRECTION AIRPORT. PLEASE BOARD THE BUS !!!   

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