Product Idea

Modern House

This house is Two stories high, has a garage under the first floor. It has an outdoor seat to enjoy sunsets and sunrises. It has a large swimming pool. It is a modular contruction to access all the floors. There is a large pine tree in front of the main door and a fruit tree next to the garage.

The first floor has a large couch and a large flat-screen Televison set. The stairs are made to access the second floor where there are two Large sized beds and a small bed with a large closet next to it.
The house has a colour combination of orange and white while the porch and the basement have a black and orange colour combinations.

There are a set of lights connected to the roof to illuminate the pool from above. The basement has place to hold two medium sized cars with a litle bit of storage.

I believe that this would make a great set as there is not such set with this colour combination and layout and it would make a great additon to the modular buildings collection and it would liven up the room where it is kept. It will also be a great addition to anyone's collection.