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The Two Mechs


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First, here’s what mech means: a large, Piloted, humanoid vehicle.
Both of these mechs can fit a minifigure, completing their purpose.
The Junker mech: ( the grey, mismatched mech)
The Junker mech, rebuilt by Remnant, used to be a SubZero Prime A.I.R. Class mech, that was heavily damaged and left for the Bugoids. The Junker mech includes an air purifier, a cannon (for emergency flares), and an electric laser (used to cut through metal). The Junker mech has been modified to have two working hands, instead of the normal one. The Junker mech is built to scavenge for parts, hence the laser.
The SubZero mech: (The black and blue mech)
Built by the SubZero Prime nation, this mech is a more powerful version of the A.I.R. Class mech.
This mech is a Decade class mech, built to withstand Frigid temperatures and still work. It includes a pilot driven system, but can switch to an advanced A.I. when needed. The mech includes heavy armour, a shoulder guard, and a blast-resistant shield. Tools include: an electric laser (see junker mech for purpose), two guided flares, and a focused-energy blade, which is used to cut through thick metal. (located under shield).
Both mechs can fit one minifigure in a cockpit that opens for easy access. Both mechs also include jet packs, a must-need for avoiding certain Bugoids. Neither mechs have weapons just tools that can scrap old vehicles for repurposing. Also included in this model is a Protector droid, a robot built to protect minifigures.
These would make a good set because they would be less expensive than other Ideas sets, and would appeal to a wider audience. These can be played with, used for stop motions, and displayed. Your choice!
I built these to use in stop motions, but used them for play instead.
  • Bugoid: an alien threat bent on stealing all materials.
  • SubZero Prime: one of two groups that emerged to protect their citizens and to rebuild.
  • Remnants: the second of two groups that emerged to salvage old materials.

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