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Deep Space Explorer

These brave explorers are probing the depths of uncharted space in the brand new Deep Space Explorer. This spacecraft is designed for making maps of new star systems and planets. 

Two small ships for fast recon missions
Rover in the back for surface exploration
Detachable cockpit that doubles as escape pod
Six minifigs

I built this as a nod to all the old space Lego. I always loved the way the big ships were modular so that's what I've done with mine. The parts that detach can be reattached in different ways. The cockpit can clip onto either side, one of the little ships can clip to the front and the rover can clip in the back, either side or the front.

This is another build. I don't have a big enough collection to build it for real. 
When I was a kid I never had any of the big space ships so I wanted to design one. I've used a mix of old bricks and newer ones. I kept the build style pretty simple to try to give it a retro feel. 

I think this would be a great set because it has good story potential. It's a big ship. It's got small ships that are built into it. It's got a ground vehicle. 
I tried to make a classic space set that I want to play with. I hope you want to build and play with it too!

All support is much appreciated! 

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