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Union Train Station Modular Building

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About the Model

The building is modular in design, split into four sections. The ground floor, first floor, roof, and platform section.

The building uses an early twentieth century American architectural style. I was inspired by elements of the Denver Union Station in the USA.

The front elevation features a grand clock, central glazed and large canopy. The wings of the building have decorative façades. The raised first level add grandeur to the entrance. There is a space for taxi arrivals.

The rear of the building accommodates a train platform, canopy, and seating for waiting passengers.

The ground floor accommodates a grand entrance with staircase to upper level and large departure board. The upper part of the staircase can be removed for access a rest room. The ticket office, newsagents, small waiting area, telephone booth are also located on the ground floor.

The first floor accommodates a café and larger waiting area, with a view to the departure board and platform.

The interior resembles a traditional train station in colour palette, decorative columns, and ornate features.

The roof has a central roof light, grand clock to the front and Union Station sign to the rear.
  • Architectural detail – a tribute early twentieth century American architecture
  • With 4 modular sections, this buildable model features a wealth of design details, plus highly decorated facades and interiors
  • So much to build – lobby, ticket office, newsagent, waiting room, lounge, rest room, train platform and taxi

  • 2,965 pieces
  • Dimensions – This display model measures over 11 in. (28 cm) high, 10 in. (25 cm) wide and 14 in. (38 cm) deep
  • Includes 7 minifigures – Characters include station master, ticket clerk, newsagent, barista taxi driver and travellers
  • Includes American style Taxi, that seats driver and passenger

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