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Mercedes-Benz 320, Lego Indiana Jones


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Lego Indiana Jones, Mercedes-Benz 320


Play the evil and stop Indiana Jones to stole the Ark of the Covenant with your beautiful Mercedes-Benz 320. Conduct Belloq and his friends to Cairo easily (because this box doesn’t contain Indiana Jones)! Includes 3 minifigures : René Belloq,  Arnold Toth and Colonel Hermann Dietrich.

• Includes : René Belloq,  Arnold Toth and Colonel Hermann Dietrich
• Features a Mercedes-Benz 320 a bush and a gun
• Capacity to 4 minifigures
• It is very strong and does not broke easily, apart the bags on the rear that can easily fall
• Compatible with the set 7622 : Race for the Stolen Treasure
• Mercedes-Benz 320 measure more than 4 cm (1’’) hight, 13 cm (5’’) long and 5 cm (1’’) wide

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