Product Idea


This is a model of the Knight Industries Two Thousend, or KITT, the supercar from the 80's series "Knight Rider." Made from a Pontiac Trans Am, KITT was a car with an artificial intelligence in it that could talk, steer autonomously and hack into other computers. Throughout the series KITT is the companion of Michael Knight, the main protagonist and together they fight crime of all sorts.

The reason I made this model is because KITT always fascinated me as a kid. Even though some of KITTs features are actually not all that futuristic anymore, it is still a supercar that I definetly wanted to have. That is why I designed a Lego model of the car, so I can combine two thinks I like.

The model has 350 bricks, which means it won't be super expensive. The doors and trunk can be opened and it has all the details that the real model has. It will also have a minifigure of Michael Knight included. It was a challenge to capture the curved shapes of the car, but I think I managed quite well and I feel this would make a great Lego model.