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Star Wars Fan Homage


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This project is an homage to all the people who have seen Star Wars and have been drawn into the world of stormtroopers, Jedi, Sith, scoundrels, princesses, Wookiees, lightsabers, clones, the Empire, the Rebellion, and much, much more.

This project is only a small part of the fan community, and nothing anybody (myself included) could ever make could represent that in a project.  The fan community has grown so strong since Star Wars was first released on that fateful day of May 25, 1977, that within a year it was obvious that nobody could stop fandom like this.  To all the Star Wars fans out there, thank you all.  Each one of you have contributed immensely to the community and are continuing to play a big part in the growth of Star Wars.

The details of this project:

The interior of the room is filled with as much Star Wars memorabilia as possible, including several helmets, a minifigure-scale LEGO Millennium Falcon, a rebel mannequin, a clone trooper rug, two lightsabers clashing on the wall, and several pictures and one video game.

The minifigure is your average Star Wars fan, with headphones and a video game controller.

Thank you for supporting!

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