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Operation: Steam Knight (OSK140718) - Vladamire / Vampire


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In a land of magic and myth, where wizards, dwarfs and elves have developed engines of war, humans fight to survive in suits of armour known as the Steam Knights.


Name: Vladamire
Species: Vampire
Nationality: Easternia
Biography: Vladamire was once a human prince who ruled the island of Easternia to the far east of the known Human kingdom. But the princedom was blighted by superstitions of phantoms and wraiths, superstitions Vladamire scoffed at, to his cost. One night he was attacked by a Vampire who gained access to the castle when Vladamire foolishly tore down the protective herbs in his bedroom in a tantrum against his "ignorant" servants. Within a week he had been turned and was soon the Vampire lord of Easternia, feeding on his own people.
Weapons: Vladamire has transformed a Black Dragon Knight, distant cousins of the Red Dragon Knight automatons of Emperor Rex, into a Steam Knight armour which he pilots from his coffin. The armour enhances his strength and speed and is armed with two swords which can combine to form a double headed spear.
Powers: As a Vampire Vladamire is immortal, super humanly strong and very fast. He can become intangible briefly to walk through walls and even fly. Legends also claim he can move objects with his mind, hypnotise his victims, convert others to become undead like himself and transform into animal forms, such as a wolf or bat.
Weaknesses: Religious icons and certain mystical talismans can repel him, some herbs have properties that can wound or deter him. Exposure to direct sunlight will cause his undead form to burn rapidly. He must find a darkened shelter during daylight hours, where it is assumed he rests in preparation for his next meal.



Set:  Consists of Vladamire (the vampire) minif fig.  Vampire coffin, two swords (with combination feature) and fully posable bat themed robot armour. 

Complexity of build and scale would favour older builders.  Theme may probably appeal to boys more than girls.


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