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Post-Apocalyptic Slether

   What's it?
  It is a post-apocalyptic shelter for protection from barbarians and other groups of survivors. To make it easier to fend off enemies, a turret with a large box of cartridges for it is installed on the roof. The garage has space for both cars and people. Next to the far wall is a table on which is a drawing with a new device for defense. Next to the other wall are boxes of supplies. Weapons and tools also hang on the walls. There is also a ladder to climb to the roof.
  This car is made from an old pickup truck. it has a lot of armor and spikes, which makes it less vulnerable to bullets and collisions. There is a machine gun in the back, so you can get away from the chase by shooting back. There is also a box of weapons and an extra can of gasoline.
  1. Opening the garage door.
  2. An opening door at the far end of the shelter.
  3. Movable turret on the roof of the shelter.
  4. Opening the door in the car.
  5. Movable rear brake lever in the cab.
  6. Movable machine gun in the back of the car.

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